10W & 20W Edison LED Flood Light with Motion Sensor


Power Consumption: 10W 20W
Light Source: 1 x 10W Edison LED 1 x 20W Edison LED
Current Consumption: 0.048A 0.088A
Lighting Lumens: 1000lm Approx. 2000lm Approx.
Operating Voltage: 230V/AC 230V/AC
Light Colour: Pure White, Warm White & Natural White LED's
Colour Temperature: Pure White: 5500k ~ 6000k; Warm White: 2700k ~ 3000k; Natural White: 4000k ~ 4500k
Lighting Angle: 170 degrees 170 degrees
Life Span: 50 000 hours 50 000 hours
Product Size: 114 x 96 x 87.5 180 x 140 x 110
Product Code: FLM10 FLM20


The 10W & 20W Edison LED Flood Light with Motion Sensor is used for spot, architectural, commercial, factory, work area lighting and many more.

Motion Sensor:

Minimum & maximum sensitivity control. Day/Night sensitivity. Time delay adjust.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ledfloodlights.co.za