3W LED Globe & Candle Light


Operating Voltage: 12V AC/DC 230V/AC
Light Source: 3 x 3535 LED 3 x 3535 LED
Current Consumption: 280mA 13mA
Power Consumption: 3W 3W
Lighting Lumens: 250lm Approx. 250lm Approx.
Lighting Angle: 120 degrees 120 degrees
Dimmable Option: Available Available
Compares to: +-30W Incandescent Light +-30W Incandescent Light
Light Colour: Pure White & Warm White Pure White & Warm White
Colour Temperature: Pure White: 5500k ~ 6000k & Warm White: 2700k ~ 3000k
Product Code: SCG03


The 3W LED Globe & Candle Light is used in living rooms, lamps, bedroom lighting, restaurants and many more.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ledglobes.co.za