5 inch Sparkler Pool Light - 48 & 100 LED Chips


Light Source: 100 x 5050 LED Chips 48 x 5050 LED Chips
Power Consumption: 9W 4.2W
Current Consumption: 0.75A 0.35A
Operating Voltage: 12V/AC 12V/AC
Light Colour: Pure White, Blue & Colour Changing Pure White, Blue & Colour Changing
Colour Temperature: Pure White: 5500k ~ 6000k Pure White: 5500k ~ 6000k
Supplied with: 2m cable 2m cable
Lighting Angle: 120 degrees 120 degrees
Lens Diameter: 146mm 146mm
Recommended pool: 6m x 4m > 4m x 3m >
Product Code: SG100S-01 SS48S-01


Easy DIY installation of removing standard pool light and inserting the Sparkler pool light. 5inch Sparkler 48 is
ideal for 3 x 4m or smaller pools and the 5inch Sparkler 100 is suitable for 6 x 4m or smaller pools.

Colour Changing:

12 colour sequence/setting module including fixed colours. Can be synchronised. Memory recall function.

Additional Info:

5inch lights fit into the 5inch wet niche and the 7inch swivel ring. Adapter plate for 7inch applications can be
purchased if required.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ledpoollighting.co.za