MultiSource Technologies was founded in 2002 with a passion to create a company that would deliver products of exceptional high quality and standards.

Although originally focused as a contract manufacturer (assembling other customers products for them), after a year it was decided that we should develop our own products. The beginning of LED design and development came with the focus on outdoor lighting and specifically swimming pool lighting. We spent over 2 years designing and developing this range and expanding on it with constantly designing new products and improving on existing ones.

After 3 years, we began focusing on indoor LED lighting as well, and then the range just continued to expand to what it is today. We now have 4 levels of manufacturing areas within the factory and operate 5 automated assembly lines to assemble all the LED products.

MultiSource Technologies is considered to be the biggest manufacturer in South Africa of LED Lighting, with assembling an average of 10 million LED's/month over all of the products. Our company is continually striving to improve our product range and spend a lot of time in doing life time testing on the LED's used as well as the products sold, to ensure the products on offer are supplied with the highest level of confidence and quality.

Our design and development is also focused on releasing new products on a regular basis and keeping up with the technology of the times to ensure that we remain on the edge with the latest developments in terms of technology.

Our warranty is our promise of the best offered to our customers at all times and therefore strive to give the longest industry warranties to ensure the customers feel confident in the products they purchase, as it is our belief that we have the expertise to give some of the best products to our customers at a competitive price.