The list of LED lighting applications for our products are endless. Using the benefits of LED's solid-state technology, people are finding new and novel ways of utilizing LED lighting. MultiSource Technologies has been involved in providing lighting solutions in countless industries and applications. Some of our customers and client applications include but are not limited to:

  • Garden LED Lighting
  • Landscape LED Lighting
  • Office LED Lighting
  • Ceiling LED Lighting
  • Outdoor Spot LED Lighting
  • Water Feature LED Lighting
  • Signage Illumination
  • Staircase LED Lighting
  • Walkway LED Lighting
  • Refrigeration Product LED Lighting
  • Under Cabinet LED Lighting
  • Colour Changing Ambient LED Lighting
  • Residential Accent LED Lighting
  • Swimming Pool LED Lighting
  • Spa & Jacuzzi LED Lighting
Today, signage is turning to LED lighting for a more long term solution. LED lighting provides the end customer the benefit of no ballasts that need to be replaced or a short lived bulb life. Our LED strip lighting, LED tubes and LED fluorescent tube replacements have now become the products of choice for lighting and illumination for signage applications.

If you have not yet changed to LED lighting for signage, we recommend that you do! It will definitely save you maintenance costs and save you on your electricity costs in the long term. For residential LED lighting or commercial LED lighting, there cannot be a more obvious choice. Offering a 90% electricity saving for replacing halogen bulbs and up to a 65% electricity saving replacing fluorescent tubes, LED lighting is once again the only choice.

Whatever investment you make into LED lights today, you can expect a return on investment on average, within 2 years. Therefore the LED lights with the 5 to 8 year life span, dependant on use, will give you a return on investment over the period of 3 to 5 years or longer.

Furthermore, we do not abandon you. Our LED lights are not only designed to be durable but if after the warranty period is over, you experience problems, we will undertake to repair at standard repair costs charged to you, to ensure the return on investment is real in terms of the cost recovery, thereby preventing the need to replace the products unnecessarily.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of our customers and joining the many millions that are enjoying a lower electricity bill today, not to mention helping to build a greener world for tomorrow.