Using LEDs to their Best Advantage

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are often touted for their energy efficiency and long life. Although these are important considerations, selecting a light source should involve many other factors. This fact sheet explores some of the unique attributes of LEDs, which may make them the best choice for a given application.

Financial considerations—namely, purchase price and operating costs—always figure in the selection of lighting products, but many other aspects also come into play, varying in importance depending on the application.

LEDs have several unique attributes, and it is critical to understand how they can be used advantageously. Some considerations are dependent on product design, but others amount to using LEDs in appropriate situations.

Some of the potentially favourable characteristics of LED sources compared to traditional lamps include:

  • • Directional light emission
  • • Size and form factor
  • • Resistance to mechanical failure (i.e., breaking)
  • • Instant on at full output
  • • Rapid on-off cycling capability without detrimental effects
  • • Improved performance at cold temperatures
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