LED lighting commercial lighting applications include a wide variety of businesses from restaurants and bars to retail outlets such as diamond shops. Interesting effects can be created using LED lighting with vibrant colours. Alternatively, LED's can be used to replace existing lighting, providing significant savings on power.

All of our standard LED lighting products can be used in a large number of ways in the commercial market. A number of display cabinets today use LED strip lighting for illumination of the products on display. With a low cost investment, an incredible linear lighting can be provided using LED strip lighting. LED fluorescent tubes are now getting used throughout the commercial sector to replace the old fluorescent tubes. This provides up to a 65% electricity saving and is far more environmentally friendly than the fluorescent tubes that still have very few places that they can be disposed of safely.

LED lighting not only saves you electricity but you can also expect a recovery on an investment in terms of the power you will save within 2 years.