Inflatable Solar Light


Power Source: Rechargeable battery
Battery: 3.7v/1000mah Lithium Polymer Battery
Solar Panel: 5V/0.6W
Wattage: 0.6W
LED Source: 10pcs*1000mcd
Light Colour: Pure White & Colour Changing
Full charged time: 6-8 hours by solar
Inflatable height: 11cm
Constriction height: 2.5cm
Comes with remote: Colour Changing

Additional Info:

This beautiful lightweight and super bright Inflatable Solar Light is perfect for party and decor lighting and can also be used as an all purpose classic light which makes it the absolute perfect all rounder light!
• Inflatable height: 11cm / Constriction height: 2.5cm.
• Battery takes 6-8hours to fully charge by solar.
• LED can light for 6-12hours after fully charged.
• Battery charging indicator: charge/discharge protection.
* 2 week waiting period.

Colour Modes:

Colour changing: 7 colour modes (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue, pure white; medium paced colour changing; fast paced colour changing).
Pure White: 3 colour modes (soft pure white, bright pure white, flashing pure white).