What are your predictions for the general LED market in 2016?

The view we're getting from our customers is that growth will be driven by the general lighting segment. This is a big change from a few years ago when growth was dominated by the back light TV segment.

One interesting statistic that market analysts Strategies Unlimited uncovered is the rise of high power and super-high power LEDs. This goes against the perceived wisdom that mid power LEDs would dominate general lighting and speaks a lot about the benefits of chip-on-board (COB) LED device.

These are classed as super high power and are set to enjoy the biggest gains as a percentage of the market, especially in the lighting fixtures market. There are a number of reasons for their success – not least that they are much simpler to work with compared to SMD packaged LEDs.

What general trends do you predict we're going to see in the 2016 thermal management market, and how do these relate to what's happening in the LED market as a whole?

Thermal management of LEDs is stepping up with the rise in high and super high power LEDs. Market analysts Yole predict that ceramics such as aluminium nitride will become increasingly prevalent in COB LED and high power packaged LEDs as power densities continue to increase.

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