S3 LED Controller


Operating Voltage: 3V/DC battery Cr2032
Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz
Operating Distance: 30m
Size: 94 x 60 x 7mm
Reveiver: 12V/DC - 24V/DC
Product Code: MLC01


  • • RF remote is ultra thin and light, easy to carry, small receiver and easy to install.
  • • RF remote is low in power consuming, long distance with penetrating power and independent ID, without inteference.
  • • 4096 grey levels (most are 256 levels in the market) makes for softer dimming and more colourful dynamic changes.
  • • 3 in 1 receiver, 1 receiver can make brightness dimming, colour temperature and RGB control.
  • • Automatic sleep mode, when remote control is off for 30 seconds, it will turn to standby mode to extend the battery life.