Sparkler Mini LED Pool Light


Operating Voltage: 12V/AC
Light Colour: Pure White, Blue & Colour Changing
Colour Temperature: Pure White: 5500k ~ 6000k
Light Source: 12 x 5050 LED
Power Consumption: 3W
Current Consumption: 0.25W
Supplied with: 2m cable
Lighting Angle: 120 degrees
Housing Diameter: 50mm (Standard Aim Flow Size)
Product Code: SAF50502

Colour Changing:

12 colour sequence/setting module including fixed colours. Can be synchronised. Memory recall function.


Waterproof pool LED lights are long lasting and provide either single or multi-colour LED lights for your swimming pool. From mini sparkler pool LED's to super bright swimming pool lights, LED's helps you save electricity and transforms your swimming into an energy and environmentally friendly entertainment area.

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