UVC Wand Icon

UVC Sanitizing Wand

  • Kills 99% of all bacteria.
  • Portable option availalbe.
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Walk Through Scanner Icon

Walk Through Thermo-Scanner

  • The Laser Temperature Detector scans the individuals’ temperature.
  • The Facial Camera Scanner takes a snapshot of the individuals’ face and links it to the their temperature, which is saved on a database.
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Sanitizing Conveyor Icon

UVC Sanitising Conveyor

UVC Walk Through

Far UVC Walk Though Scanner and Sanitizer

  • Kills 99% of all bacteria.
  • Fast and effective.
  • Safe for people.
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UVC Mobile Unit

UVC Mobile Unit

  • Completely autonomous.
  • Safety shut off featrues.
  • Covers large areas.
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UVC Chip Sanitiser

Casino UVC Chip Sanitiser

  • Perfect for casinos, hotels and other entertainment businesses.
  • Added safety featrues.
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UVC airplane sanitiser

UVC Airplane Sanitiser

  • Designed specifically for all types of airplane.
  • Protection for handler.
  • High area coverage.
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